Friday, October 22, 2004

The boys are back in town..

'nuff said

That guy with the ponytail..

On the way over to the MCI arrangement (previously mentioned) - we saw Karl Lagerfield (Is that how it is spelled ?). We had just parked the car in parking Place Vendôme - while "en route" to Boulevard de la Madeleine, we saw "that guy with the ponytail" (as Dimitri called him) snapping some pics of a model posing on Place Vendôme..

Who the hell wears sunglasses at around 9pm, when it's dark.. what a jackass..

I snapped a pic with my phone, but the quality sucks - so I'm not even going to bother uploading it..

Wine pop quiz

Last night Dim and I went to a wine tasting arrangement at Lavinia. The arrangement had been organized by MCI (our ISP) - and since we've been loyal clients (before-, during- and post-chapter 11) we were invited. It was great fun, and Lavinia is a cool shop, they have a vast selection of wine and booze of all sorts.
During the evening, a "wine trivia pop quiz" was held.. Jeez, that's stuff is not easy. First off, we tasted 6 wines (2 white, and 4 red) and we had to map down where in the world they came from. I believe, there were wines from Chili, Argentina, Italy, India, Australia and South-Africa. I think my favorite was the redwine from Italy (Tuscany).
The last part of the "quiz" consisted of 20 questions, about wine and its origins. Fx.:
Q: Who was Petrus?
- A famous chef
- A General under Napoleon the third
- A sommelier under King Louis the XIV

We tried to cheat, and looked some of the questions up over GPRS on my phone, but it was taking too much time, so we tried calling some wine-savvy person we know - whom helped us with a few answers..

We didn't win... (surprise surprise) - well, actually we believe that MCI "fixed" the winners, as the winners were all big accounts (such as Renault)
We were #1 of all the small companies, and we won a book about wine ! Yay!

We finished our glasses, grabbed our "prize" and headed for the exit.. Stopped by a pub and a couple of pints and a shot of Jack...

All in all a nice evening, though we both feel a bit busted today !

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Exit skype - enter peerio..

Pure p2p - no server - no hazzle !

Monday, October 18, 2004

A sign from god

Engaged in the extreme sport of Tennis this weekend.. big mistake.. I had played for about 6 minutes, when I lost my balance and slammed into the ground while running... Result: big wound on my right knee, and a fucked up right arm. I also seem to have a "pressured" rib. Which is the result, of me not being able to sleep very well, nor sit up, stand up, walk, cough, laugh, sneeze etc etc etc without an agonizing pain in my upper chest..
I suppose it's a sign from above, that I should not practise sport of any kind, I should just sit tight on the couch with my pint of lager while watching TV ?

Friday, October 15, 2004


I've got invites.. anyone wants one ? Drop a message, or send me a mail.