Friday, November 17, 2006

Microsoft - They really do suck

One thing the web is full of is Microsoft flames. This shall however not deter me from writing another. (On the same token, Indeed the web is full of bad software, this has not detered Microsoft from making more).

Recently Microsoft has put in a "clever" feature in windows that verifies if the version on your PC is genuine before you can install new software and updates. I personally think that I am doing Redmond a favour by running their OS on a PC in my home when there are some many other great OS'es out there. For instance in the desktop space I run pretty much nothing but OS X (from Apple... you know?) and it kick Microsoft's "ass" (sorry kids). In the server space my company uses FreeBSD and Gentoo Linux (the later because a few drivers for something we do doesn't work on FreeBSD - if it wasn't for that fact everything would be daemonised). So no win in desktop space and no win in the server space for Microsoft. Anyhow, back to the Windows Geniune part. So as you are upgrading your Windows OS they take the opportunity to sell you a copy of the software. Isn't this exactly the wrong time to do it? I mean first you see a list of 23 new flaws (discovered in the last 3 days or so) in their broken, written by a 17 year old, over priced, slow, featureless, unstable, ugly operating system (which take the total up to 14347 serious flaws) and then they have the audacity to ask you money for it.

How about this. If Windows runs for 365 days, without crashing, without having to be rebooted, without any serious security flaws being discovered and exploited, without being paid a visit from Dr. Watson (or whatever his new replacement intern is called), then a dialog could pop up and say: "Hey we arn't that bad - say why don't you send us a check?"

It's almost laughable the last thing the "Microsoft Update" refused to install was IE7 - I don't even want it, nor do I want to pay for it and isn't it free anyway? And also, has Microsoft not be asked in pretty much every legal juristiction in the world not to automatically install it?

You should really switch to Apple's OS X. It is soooo much better. More secure, faster, genuinely innovative, smart, pretty, userfriendly and durable. And now you can even (if you absolutely must) run Windows either in bootcamp or in parallels so you get the best (and in one cast) worst of both worlds. Go on.... buy one of Steve's Macs - they're great - (like Kellogg's Frosties).


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

our new techcam

one of our offices decided it didn't need its webcam anymore, so we got our hands on it before they could change their minds. We are therefore now the proud owners of an Axis 2100 Network Cam.

For lack of better use, we have placed it between our two desks, which allows people to see the massive amount of work we do everyday:

Notice the nice 7960 Cisco phone on the left, qnd my rubber ducky (hi ducky!)