Monday, January 31, 2005


Arrived in Warsaw, Poland last night. Holy crap is cold up here.. It's been snowing constantly, and it's white all over the place. I should have brought a bigger/better coat, cause I'm freezing my ass off.

Went out to a nice restaurant last night, and had a decent meal - pretty good. Afterwards went to "Paparazzi bar" for drinks.

Finished the evening talking to some brits in the hotel bar over some more drinks.. this morning was a bit hard - but I survived.

Got the firewall up and running, now configuring the workstations - things seems to be going smoothly (for once)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Universal Remote

I've been thinking about getting an universal remote control, as I'm sick and tired of having the better part of my sofa-table filled with remotes. So far a I have the following remotes:
- TV
- DivX Player
- Freebox
- Xbox
- Receiver/Tape deck
- CD player
- Minidisk desk

That's just too much.
The only problem with the majority of all those universal remotes, is that their functionality pretty much limits to volume up/down, channel up/down and power-on/off.

The other day, I discovered the One-In-All Kameleon URC-8210 - that is a nice piece of hardware. I can hook up 10 different devices to it, it is upgradable (download new codes from the net) and has a recharge station - and most importantly it looks friggin' awesome. It's a touch screen kinda thing, with a cool blue lit background..

The only downsides so far:
- I don't think it can replace the Freebox remote, as it is pretty special, all the others should be ok though.
- The price.. A whopping 149EUR.. it's a little steep - but hey, after all it is the rolls-royce of remotes.

Should I get it ?

Update: Looks like I'm gonna have to wait, as it seems that the remote will not be available on the european market before end January or start February.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Went out to the driving-range yesterday, and hit the crap out of a bunch of golf balls. I gotta admit, it's pretty relaxing, especially with the fresh air all around. It's the first time in months, I'm at the driving-range so I'm pretty busted today..

Note to self: I really need to get into shape.

I need to buy some new clubs..


CanalSat just activated my account this weekend. It's pretty cool, and it works flawlessly. It's nice to have the extra channels, especially with "switch language" function on some of the channels - I am no longer forced to watch all my favorite shows dubbed in French - yay!
As I signed up before 31/12/04 - I benefit from this offer:
- All channels + movie channels pack 20EUR/mth
- No startup fee (normally 40EUR)
- They'll upgrade my Freebox to v4, which will give 15Mbit/s downrate (normally 90EUR)

In addition, I know have digital channels, and a semi-working EPG (they'll probably extend their service in the coming months, as this is brand new) - without the hassle of having a satellite dish.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Alright.. could everyone just STOP sending those goddamn Eurorest hoax free hotel stays mails ?

Search for Eurorest on google - and hit #3 is : HoaxBuster

It is a nice way of creating a database with potential spam victims - and no, you will NOT get free hotel stays.. fuck sake, nothing in this world is free..

(At least stop feeding them my email - k? thx)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hot temper

So.. got the suitcase... now let's get a cab..

It's really interesting to see how people from the south are much more hot-headed than people from the north.. or at least people from the north are better at controlling/hiding it..

The first cab in the huge line, was loading his car with his clients suitcase - and apparently taking too long so all the others started to honk their horns.. and the cab driver went off on them.. which resulted in a bunch of angry drivers getting out of their cars yelling back at him.. "Move that piece of shit.." - "Go fuck yourself.." "You're such a fool, that you can't carry yourself.. now move !" [roughly translated by our Spanish speaking salesmanager]

Quite amusing actually..

Btw, holy crap there's a lot cabs in this city !


Arrived in Madrid yesterday.. It's a nice city, with cool people. It's actually my first visit here, though not my first visit to Spain..
After the usual boring flight (what a waste of time flying is..) - the first interesting point of action, was the baggage delivery. While waiting for my baggage to arrive on the little rolling-table-thingie (yes, the right one according to the information screen, and the other 150 passengers from the plane) - I noticed another of the rolling-thingies running around filled with baggages and nobody to claim it. While inspecting these baggages the original rolling-thingie started to turn, all while a spanish airport worker ran around like a headless chicken, telling people that some of the baggages arrived on the first rolling-thingie and some on the other..

Go figure..