Thursday, March 30, 2006

What the hell ?!

I was just reviewing my fine post earlier, when I notcied the Google ad in the right pane :

Feminine blogs ?!? What in the living crap is that about ?

Easter is coming..

Enough said.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Picture of the Day

I think this picture says it all.... at least for today...


4000W AC Power Supply!


I just loved the look of this little beast!

This is a Cisco Catalyst 6000 chassis 4000 watt power supply. I would just loooove to plug this baby in.

(rest assured, there is absolutely nothing, I mean NOTHING sexual about me liking this thing... nothing I tell you..)

Anyways, tata, laddies!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday at the Sorbonne

We were walking around yesterday in our neighborhood, and decided to go over to the Sorbonne University to check out the damage the recent anti-CPE riots have bestowed up it, and of course we took a couple pics.

Here you can see they have severely barricaded the university:

Suddenly I noticed this dude dressed in orange in front of the barricades. I decided to get closer...

Look at this DUFUS! This "Syndicalist" from FO (Force Ouvrière - a workers union) was standing there, on a SUNDAY, dressed in ORANGE, with a GREEN FLAG, and you know what, he was happy about it (look at him smile)!

This is a snap I took over the barricades, at the CRS trucks in front of the university:

This is Rue St. Jacques, which is usually a really busy street...:

Tomorrow the anti-CPE riots are pretty much taking france as hostage, as all the workers unions are going to block up ALL PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, which mean I'm going to have a hell of a time going to and from work, and mich is going to have a HELL of a time getting back from Denmark.

I hate them all...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Münich re-visited

So I'm back in Münich as part of my upgrading corporate firewalls world-tour. The weather is pretty shitty, I could swear I saw snow falling down this morning. It's cold, grey and boring.

On the upside, had a couple of brewskies last night, I have got to give it to the Germans, they do know how to serve a tasty beer:

Spend a considerable amount of time on the phone with Deutsche Telekom... my god, what an ordeal. Apparently very few employees with T-Kom are able/willing to speak English - and, unfortunately, the ones that say they do, are complety incomprehensible.
We are converting our Office-Connect line, to a T-DSL business line - not a big deal, right ? Wrong !
They are obviously removing the Office-Connect router, and setting up some DSL equipment. Only they installed a DSL-modem (without router functionality) - so in order to get it working, we would have to install a Windows XP box directly on the modem... *sigh*..

Had to find a T-Kom store, and go fetch a DSL-Router... Sinus 154 DSL Basic SE.. With integrated WiFi and configurable by a "nice" web interface.. that basically only works with IE... *sigh* *sigh*

Obviously this beautiful web interface is only in German, and completely illogical. Anyway, managed to disable WiFi, NAT, and the builtin firewall - and in addition, point the fixed IP that we've purchased , directly on our own firewall (running FreeBSD naturally).

Today, tidying up - cleaning out the old firewall, and helping the sales staff here, with their small tech issues...

Back tonight, and leaving for Denmark on Sunday...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Attention to detail...


I was watching a concert on tv, and realised that some jackass working at W9 had misspelled the artist's name...

The dude's name is Gérald de PALmas, not PLAMAS, you jackass!

The mistake was up for most of the concert, then the whole line disappeared. Obviously it left me enough time to take a picture...

BTW I played some rugby this morning... and scored a try!

It doesn't happen often, so I had to mention it...

plus I didn't get hurt, which is pretty exceptional as well...


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snippets for vim(1)

For a week or so, I've started to look into Ruby on Rails for web application development - it's very nifty and has a lot of potential !
Watching the online tutorial videos, I'm becoming increasingly jealous of the OS X users and their super cool TextMate editor ! Being a vim(1) man myself, I set out trying to reproduce some of the textmate behavior - specifically the snippets functionality. After searching a bit around on google, I found the snippetmagic project, which does exactly that ! It add snippets not only for rails projects, but also:

  • actionscript
  • asp
  • c
  • css
  • django
  • f-script
  • gri
  • haskell
  • html
  • java
  • javascript
  • latex
  • logo
  • markdown
  • mips
  • movable type
  • objective c
  • ocaml
  • odcompletion
  • perl
  • php
  • phpdoc
  • propel
  • python
  • rails
  • ruby
  • setext
  • slate
  • smarty
  • source
  • symfony
  • tcl
  • template toolkit
  • text
  • unixshell
  • xhtml
  • xml

Pretty friggin' awesome !

Monday, March 06, 2006

Cool 7940 phone.. and real cool ringtone


Mich is currently checking out a VoIP solution using the world renowned Asterisk, an Open Source PBX.

Well he got Asterisk installed on a "server" (aka - spare parts sitting around the office thrown into an old Compaq Deskpro chassis), and in order to test this fab solution, we got ourselves a couple Cisco 7940 IP phones:

Now these babies are hot - real hot! I don't know if you've recognized them, but they're practically the same suckers they use on "24" - and guess what? We have the unofficial "24" ringtone! Yes sir!

We are such geeks...