Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Fired for blogging..

As I was traveling through my daily load of blog feeds, I discovered that someone at Friendster got fired for blogging !! Even though, no formal policy on blogging was present in the company.

I find this outrageous, and urge everyone with a Friendster account to cancel immediately - this sort of behavior should not go unpunished.

(and no, the person in question did NOT blog corporate secrets)

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Friday, August 27, 2004

Getting there...

Well well well... Dim and I are getting there... seems that the alcohol will not escape us tonight... At least we are not driving home.. so be IT !
We are hanging out at my new crib, having good food, good drinks and life in general is GOOD - for fuck's sake it's FRIDAY !

aka Dim speaking...

My legs hurt, my ass hurts, well basically everything part of my mortal body hurts [not for what you think... rugby guys, rugby], yet i feel light as a feather, giddy, happy, frank sinatraish, in other words, vunderfullll. Yes yes amigos, bring it on, it Friday night, we are on the Old Defender gunboat, and we are attacking hardcore.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Need a medic please...

So I started playing tennis again.. It's been over 10 years (and many beers) since last time I played - so obviously, I suck. Not to mention, my incredible stamina and good shape - which can be compared to that of a dong beetle.
I played an hour and a half on sunday, and two hours last night. My arms/back/shoulders/legs and feet are KILLING me!!!
- It's great fun though, and hopefully I'm get into shape at one point (if I'm not dying trying)

As you can see, Dim is back.. Being his usual pissed-off-self.. It's nice to him in pain, and frankly, it's better to share the misery with someone.. hehehe..


Well there you have it, as expected my vacation went by way to fucking quickly, and before i know it, here i am again, sharing this office with Abraham and the incredible Throat-noise Girl! I was on the beach, like 5 minutes ago... what the FUCK happened!! So yeah here i am, back at work, yipee, really looking forward to working my ass office for another year... not that i can afford any other vacations anyways... fuck.....

Well back to extracting files. I need a smoke.. and coffee, overpriced coffee... will write later, when i've managed to quiet down.


Thursday, August 12, 2004

Prefecture woes (or not)

Since we've moved to another flat, I've been obliged to change the address stated on my car registration form (carte de grise). The rules state that you have one month to make the change after you have moved.
I've been putting it off, cause anyone who've tried to deal with French administration will agree with me, it is a royal pain in the ass. You need 40 forms completely correctly filled out, and each of those you need in another 40 copies etc etc..
This time we had cheated a bit, and printed out the form of their website (They actually have a website.. wow) - so when I finally went there I had all needed papers and copies.

Normally when I go there (I've been there a few times) I wait over 2 hours.. but this time I actually managed to get it all done in less than 40 minutes !! Perhaps it's because everyone is on vacation or something, anyway I'm happy as hell that it all went that painless.

To conclude.. go at the prefecture in august.. or don't move - I don't really care.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Finally got some time to get some long overdue FreeBSD work done.. I had a couple of ports that had been broken for quite a while.. They were primarily broken on 64bit platforms (amd64 and sparc64) - arved kindly gave me access to his amd64 box - as I have none :-(

First problem was easy enough - some gcc 3.4.x compatibility problem.

The other wasn't quite so simple - this due to the fact that the port is written in C++ - and I am no expert (far from it - I'm a C kinda guy). It also seemed to be a problem with the gcc 3.4.x import. Managed to fix it (with some help from some C++ savvy people) and in the process found a typo-bug in source - which I reported to the author.

Also managed to catch up on all my mail - it has been a long time since I've had a clean inbox.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Yesterday I signed up for DSL with Free- they seemed to have to best offer :
  • Up to 5Mbit/s down
  • Possibility for WiFi on modem box
  • TV (Don't know which channels, but it can only be better than what I have)
  • Free phone in France (and competitive rates for international calls)
  • 29.99 EUR/month
  • No cancellation fee

Hopefully I'll get the gear next week.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I knew it !

First day Dim is not here, and our backup solution is not working as expected.. well .. perhaps as expected.. it did not back up anything last night.
We are using ARCserve on MS - and to no surprise, it blows. Every other day we are obliged to kill some its processes as it fails to shut them down properly. Today was no exception, and on top of that the tape would not eject.. Useless crap.

Managed to drop by castorama in my lunch break, to pick up some wood pillars I need for support in my closet (as the shelf is heavily overloaded, and about to fall down) - wood is good..

Going out to Ikea tonight to look for a small furniture for our kitchen, so I imagine that I'll enjoy myself putting together something tonight - I totally suck at it though. It's kinda like a jigsaw puzzle - but for adults..

On a side note, I'm happy to report that GDF dropped by today and opened for the gas to our apartment, so we are actually able to cook some real food tonight !!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Long time no hear..

Well.. It has been way too long since I've bitched about one thing or another, but truth is, I haven't had much to bitch about... Imagine that.. It's a sad state of affairs !
I've been off to Denmark on vacation, and we have moved to our new apartment as well.. I guess I've simply been to occupied to complain.

Anyway, now I'm back at work (damn it), and already now various things are starting to make my piss boil - that coinciding with Dimitri leaving for vacation tonight is not exactly helping out the situation. I know.. yes.. I know shit will hit the fan as soon as his dumb ass has left the building.. Printing problems, vira shit, and general PC hardware problems. I've got to be honest with you guys, I'm not one bit too happy about him requiring vacation...

Moving.. god I hate moving. Actually I like it once all boxes/furniture have been moved - but moving heavier-than-titanic furniture (fridge) three floor down is a no-go.. that, all while it is 35 degrees Celsius outside in the burning sun just kills me. It's all done now though.. and I love the place! We just miss a few furniture for the kitchen and then we are all set to go.

Alright, I'd better get back to work.. gotta write that code.. doesn't make much of a difference..