Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tom Cruise's M:I:III promo at la Défense

I learned from a "20 minutes" article yesterday that Tom Cruise would be at La Défense on his European promo tour for M:I:III to inaugurate the "Dôme" cinema, so I trudged over there after work and waited around, to see what would happen.

Well, our favorite scientologist came down in a big ass helicopter, and people (especially chicks, but a lot of 'guys' too) went APESHIT! I mean, these people were moshing, just to get a pic of jerry mcguire!

First impression of Brian Flanagan
- man is he short - I mean I knew he wasn't 6ft, but he is literally 5ft tall. Seems like a nice guy though, as it took his time signing autographs with pretty much everyone there (around 2000 people) I managed to get the following snap.

Apart from Ethan Hunt, Jamie Foxx was there too, didn't see him though, as I got the hell out of there, I needed a beer.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Navigo Integral - A bunch of retards!

I am in the process of changing my bank, cause BNP sucks ass... for multiple reasons, don't get me started..
Anywho, part of the process is to move all your services that is automatically charged from your account.. One of them, is for me, Navigo Integral. This the "new" public transportation division of RATP. It's actually quite neat, too bad the employees are like all other French public employees, retards.

Knowing that I'm dealing with retards, I called in advance and asked them how I should proceed with the change.. I was told, send the following (per snail-mail obviously):

- Bank identification paper
- auto-charge authorization (signed)

Ok, great.. My new bank had provided me with templates for these letters, so I simply have to add my contract# and my signature. Filled in the stuff, and sent it.

Yesterday I received a letter from "the retards" - well in fact they need the information (the exact information I already sent) filled into a special form.. *sigh* Not any additional information, no no, just a stupid form that differs very little from my original letter.. except I have to fill all numbers, address etc etc manually..

Called them up today, and sure enough, they insist on me resending the form.. fucking hell.. I've made the same change with countless of other companies, and obviously the only ones creating trouble are publicly held organizations.. such as the tax office, and RATP.
Actually my ISP even allowed me to change the thing online, without any hassle...

I can't wait for the day they will be privatized, all these companies, I swear to god, heads will roll ! They do not know the first thing about company care..

I hate them all..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Quote of the day

If you wanna feel funky, feel free - but please don't spread that funk on me.
Chris Rock's demented uncle

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just like the picture


It's too early for chitchat. I just like the picture.

Oh yeah, I figured mich has been putting up jackass pictures of me, so basically - "right back atcha"


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Da Nikon D70S - yeah baby!

Ahh, after a month or so of craving a new digital camera, it's here!

We opted for the Nikon D70s kit with a 18-70mm lenses, and were right - it's a pretty sweet beast ;)

What is there to say - Boys and toys...

Now I have to learn how to use it!


Post a picture (or two) day

The phrase "useless slacker" springs to mind ;)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bike !

Went yesterday to pick up a bike in Decathlon - it's amazing how cheap it is to get a bike these days.. It's a sweet ride, and as of now I'll be riding it to and from work every day.

Here's how I've shortened my daily commute, so far:

With car: 25-30 minutes
With bus: 20 minutes
On bike: 9 minutes
I'm expecting that to go slightly down once I get into the routine (and shape).

Here's a couple of pictures of the beast

Obviously I also picked up a bicycle "computer" - with loads of nice functions..

Pimpin' Ride .... and Pimp My Ride

Yo! A buddy of mine just gave me a car (yes, gave)! Ok ok, it's not the most recent thing, but it rolls, and gets from point A to point B (I think).

It's a Renault 25 GTX from 1986 - totally an 80s car, but it's got some cool specs (rofl) - 2.2 liter engine, electric windows and sunroof (yes! a fucking sunroof!), and basically everything is working. I have to change a couple tires, and fix the radiator (well, someone has to fix the radiator, I don't know anything about damn cars), but apart from that it's in relatively good shape - Oh yeah, we need to clean it too, it hasn't driven for 2 years, and has been sitting in a garage, so there's 'a bit' of dust.. check out the pics!

We're thinking about getting in touch with MTV's Pimp My Ride Europe, because this is totally the kind of car in need of a Pimpin'.

Anyways, I'll get this thing out of the garage, fixed and cleaned up, and post some 'After' pictures soon. Ciao!