Wednesday, September 29, 2004

SalesLogix BLOWS

We've been changing CRM systems. Before we used some semi-home-developed stuff called SuperOffice .. it blew. We had more and more trouble with it over the last 12 months, so some months ago we decided to switch system.
We chose SalesLogix developed by Sage. This was an obvious choice, as our financial systems are also Sage - this would in theory enable us to only have customer information one place. A "bridge" between the two systems have been setup, and we are able to synch the accounts. Excellent, in theory that is.

The salesrep from SalesLogix told us, that installation and import of data from the old CRM system would take approx. one day.... We've been in the process of getting it working for about one month now. Go figure..

Considering ditching it all together and go back to SuperOffice...

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ever noticed...

So... I'm trying get a new phone.. I've been looking at the Sony-Ericsson T630. Yes I know it's not state-of-the-art, and it cannot anticipate my toilet needs, do my groceries, and feed my cat - but it seems like a nice phone to me - in addition it is no too big, nor to pricy.

OK, I know which phone I'd like - the rest should be piece of cake, right? Not really.. I've been looking into the different operators in France, and also the subscriptions they offer.. jeeez.. you have to have a phD or something to understand that.. Apparently you need to know how many calls you place and receive and where they go to (national, local or international) how many MB you'll download with GPRS etc etc.. I have no fucking idea, alright ?

So, I call a "diagnostic service" with Orange... First off, when you call them, before getting connected to a "real-live-person(tm)" you need to tap in your phone number (the one you are calling from) via DTMF tones.. and what is the FIRST thing they ask for ? The number I am calling from ! Are you kidding ? I just entered that into the voice-service-system.. god damn it.. they are fucking with our minds..
On top of that, they weren't very helpful..

More to come..

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Think McFly, Think !

Well, well, well.. today I received another good proof that city-officials have had their head replaced by their ass.
My street runs into a main road, that leads directly to central-Paris, and the other way the street heads to a bigger city, and the motorway network around Paris (A86) - I don't really need to get on this main road, but I need to cross it, in order for me to come to work... Thus this morning, late as usual, I'm going about my business and half-asleep on my way to work.. When I discover that the city officials have decided to make major road-work EXACTLY where I need to cross the main road ! Goddamn it ! I sat there and waited for 12 minutes, hence making me late for work.. AGAIN !

Now you might go, "ohh.. well road work needs to be done, and that does not make city-officials stupid.. bla bla bla".. well, yes.. yes it does.

Anyone knowing France (Paris more specific) are aware that the month of August is dead - because of school vacations and what-have-ya.. so why, oh why, can't they make their stupid-ass road work in August, thus not bothering a shitload of people ? Noooooooooo... we'd rather wait until the first day of September when everyone's back, and where we can annoy a bunch of people !

Argggghhhhh !!!!!!!

That's it ! I'm not paying anymore taxes.. they have fucked with me for the last time !