Tuesday, September 27, 2005

amaroK 1.3.2

Just committed the amaroK 1.3.2 update to the portstree.
New features include:
- A new sexy volume slider
- Improved podcasting support
- Additional context menu for playlist window
- Scrolling through tabs

I built it on 4.x / 5.x / 6.x and -CURRENT.

I have yet to test it with the much anticipated libtunepimp 0.4.x version.

Friday, September 23, 2005

FreeBSD work

Supporting FreeBSD 4.x is becoming more and more of pain, I wish we'd drop that branch soon - so we can focus on 5.x / 6.x. - many ports needs heavy patching and quirks to be able to compile on 4.x..

Anyways, I managed to commit the long awaited amaroK update (1.3.1) the other day. I haven't received any bug reports yet, so I guess all is good. The amaroK dev team, just released 1.3.2, so my tinderbox is happily building away testing the build on different branches.
Akode engine support has been dropped (unfortunately), and Helix (realplayer) been added. PostgreSQL support has also been added, and it seems to work really great.

The aterm-1.00 update created a bit of noise, since most of it has been completely rewritten. Managed to solve most of the problems, there still a few loose ends though - Pav's been reporting some weird flickering behavior, that I've been unable to reproduce...

I also ported two new KDE apps; databases/ksqlanalyser and databases/ksqlshell. I'm particularly happy with the first on, as I'm now able to work on our ERP, MS-SQL powered server without vnc'ing to it. The latter is similar to the first, but created a nice GUI front-end for PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Long time no see.

Yup, we haven't really been around for a while.. For my part, I was on vacation for 3 weeks in the south of France, and the south of Italy, so frankly I could't be fucked posting anything on no god-damned blog.

I'm back now though, and in an attempt to kill time between now and 5pm, blogging comes in handy.

I've finally made it over to the enlightened side! I now have FreeBSD installed on my HP DV1100 laptop, and so far it's been pretty damn cool. It's nice to have a system that is free, boots in 15 seconds, is stable as hell, and had a bunch of really cool apps (which are once again, totally free). OK I have to admit, not everything worked off the bat after we installed FreeBSD. Getting 1280x768 resolution to work on my widescreen was fun, as was trying to figure out why some my mouse buttons weren't responding. There still are a couple things i need to figure out, like how to get my cd/dvd burner burning and my Compact Flash Bluetooth gizmo communicating, but I guess dealing with that shit is the price you have to pay!

I'm also running the coolest media player ever, maintained by that jackass of a buddy of mine. I must say Amarok was part of the reason I switched over - It was like a toy mich had which I could never, ever have. Well now it's mine. And it rocks.

Well that's all for now... ciao!

Long time no blog

Not getting too much blogging done these days, I guess I haven't got that much too report on..

Been reading a couple of good books lately:

- Blink: The power of thinking without thinking, by Macolm Gladwell

- A dogs life, by Peter Mayle (This is an excellent read)

and most recently Naked by David Sedaris. It's outright hilarious, and an easy read. Next in my queue is "The art of war" by Sun Tzu. I've been wanting to read it for a while, so I'm looking forward to it.