Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Chunky Monkey

Last time I went back home, my mom had gotten me an icecream maker. Tried it out this weekend, and ended up with a pretty damn good result..

In my efforts to boycott US products, I've been forced to stop buying "Ben & Jerry - Chunky Monkey" - Chocolate-chip/banana flavored icecream..

Recipe for "Chunky Monkey ala mich":
5 egg yolks
100gram of sugar
1/2L of Cream
1Tbsp of Vanilla Sugar
2 Bananas
50g of dark chocolate

Whip the egg yolks together.. and the sugar, vanilla sugar and the cream. Whip it together, and take your time to make it completely liquid.
Chop the bananas into smaller pieces and add them to the mix, and whip it together with a blender - until there are no "pieces of banana" left. Finally, chop or grate the chocolate into small pieces, and add it to the mix.
Pour the mix into the machine, and let it do its magic for about 20 minutes - and voila !


Lakuda said...

Oh yeah?! Well I made DISAPPEARING OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIES!!! ... know they'd probably go well with some double chunky munky merlot ice cream stuffits...

can you make THOSE?

I need an ice cream maker...oh wait its freezing fucking cold outside i'll just use a bucket and a wooden spoon... do they need lids? I'll sit on it...

cough cough barf
-Dave Camel

mich said...