Wednesday, March 30, 2005


We had my brother visiting over Easter.. We had some good fun. Got some booze, and good food.
As usual we walked a lot around Paris, and also visited Notre-Dame (I hadn't been there in ages.. ) - Lots of people, and especially lots of tourists.

Easter monday we visited Le Louvre, I hadn't been there since 1997 or so, not much had changed, except they had finished the Egyptian section. As always, I had forgotten my camera, so the few photos I managed to take, has been taken with my phonecam.

I was quite impressed with the Egyptian exhibition, and can warmly recommend it.

Angry lookin' mofo

They actually have a Sphinx

We also shopped and ate at "Le Caroussel du Louvre", which is a sorta mall/gallerie beneath Le Louvre. They've got a bunch of overpriced shops, and a huge restaurant with food from all over the world.

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