Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The French NON

Well, well, well - so the (majority) of the French voters, opted for NON to the constitution. Is that because 55% of the voters were extreme right-wing or extreme left-wing (as the media apparently will have you believe) ? Not really, it's a desperate scream for change in the French administration. It is a shame, that a the referendum had to be sacrificed - but I do not see it as a big problem.
At worst, the EU constitution will be slightly delayed. On the positive side, it might force the politicians to amend the current "draft" to something even better ?

Oh well, what the hell do I care - and could not cast my vote anyway.. (why is that by the way ? Since, I am an European - that works, lives and pay tax in France - why should I not be able to cast my vote ? )


Thomas said...

Yeah, what the heck is up with that? They are willing to take our money but they don't wanna listen to our opinion?!? Let's take Europe and the current day and age into consideration and create a kick ass Europe!

mich said...

Yeah, it's a travesty - I'm not even sure I want to be part of a Europe - in which my vote does not count.

Maybe I'll create my own federation.. United States of Mike (USM) - not bad,huh ?