Friday, September 23, 2005

FreeBSD work

Supporting FreeBSD 4.x is becoming more and more of pain, I wish we'd drop that branch soon - so we can focus on 5.x / 6.x. - many ports needs heavy patching and quirks to be able to compile on 4.x..

Anyways, I managed to commit the long awaited amaroK update (1.3.1) the other day. I haven't received any bug reports yet, so I guess all is good. The amaroK dev team, just released 1.3.2, so my tinderbox is happily building away testing the build on different branches.
Akode engine support has been dropped (unfortunately), and Helix (realplayer) been added. PostgreSQL support has also been added, and it seems to work really great.

The aterm-1.00 update created a bit of noise, since most of it has been completely rewritten. Managed to solve most of the problems, there still a few loose ends though - Pav's been reporting some weird flickering behavior, that I've been unable to reproduce...

I also ported two new KDE apps; databases/ksqlanalyser and databases/ksqlshell. I'm particularly happy with the first on, as I'm now able to work on our ERP, MS-SQL powered server without vnc'ing to it. The latter is similar to the first, but created a nice GUI front-end for PostgreSQL and MySQL.

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