Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Great Canadian

I was walking around my neighborhood of the 6th Arr.of Paris last night, looking for a place to have a beer. Now having been a bartender in the same area, I pretty much know all the bars, and was pretty much getting sick of all of them. I mean you can go to a place only a certain amount of times before you just get bored.

So I was walking down Quai des Grands Augustins, from Rue Dauphine to Saint Michel, and came across a place I didn't know - The Great Canadian Pub. Now this place looks cool - from outside you see the multiple flatscreens alongs the walls, the bar is nicely lit up, but the place in general is quite dim, which is great - Most bar managers have issues with lighting a place properly. Most of the time you'll walk into a pub or bar, there'll be too much or too little light. The general atmosphere appealed to me, so I walked in.

Well the place lived up to the expectation - I took some Stella on tap - nice, cold beer. The atmosphere is great. The guys behind the bar are authentic Canadians (It's good to see a place that has bartenders which fit into the environment). I ended up knowing the owner/manager quite well, from my days as a bartender. He had already opened a place some 7 or 8 years ago in the 6th, called the Moosehead, which mich and I are quite familiar with. The Great Canadian was his own place, and he told me they had just opened, at the end of summer 2005. There is mucho space in front of the bar, so the summertime terrace there will be great, and he told me they serve Sunday brunch ALL DAY - which is not an easy thing to find in Paris. The menu looks good, I saw some stuff that I'm definitely going to try, and the prices are pretty decent for central Paris.

I took this picture whilst leaving the place:

and this is a picture I found here of the same place during the summertime:

In any case, I think I'll be going back to this place. I like the general feel of it, and it's good to have a new place to go to. Plus the bar is beautifully located - I mean you can see Notre Dame from the terrace! Oh yeah, there are also flatscreens just above the urinals - just a detail, but it's pretty damn sweet (I think only men can understand that)

Here's the place's business card!

Closest subway is St. Michel, but Odeon or Cluny-La-Sorbonne should be good as well.

Voila! If you have a chance to drop by, check the place out!


Michele said...

I'd love to see those flatscreens!!
Be sure that once i'll be in Paris i'll pass by the Great Canadian to have a pint with you guys!!!

Dimitri said...

No Problemo!! we'll be on the couch, with a couple pints (or margaritas), chomping on some chicken quesadillas!



Anonymous said...

Be careful when you go!!! I was there last night (France vs. Brasil) and Sarah the waitress ripped me off and then the manager/owner, Marc Berry, went on about how he encouraged most of his bartenders to short change the customers.

Matthew said...

That comment about shortchanging customers surprises me - if anything I've had quite a few free drinks there!!
It is a great place, although too busy for the biggest nights (World Cup, Champions League, etc).

Anonymous said...

i just moved to france. this bar came up on a website as a steelers bar. is it possible to watch american football games here on sundays?