Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Charlie Birdy - Revisited

Back in the 90s when I first arrived in Paris, my usual hang out would be Chesterfield Cafe on rue Boetie, in the 8th. It was a pimpin' place, with lots of cool people and taking the party to the max until the early morning. There was actually a rumor going around, saying that at that time - Chesterfield Cafe was the busiest bar in Europe. I do not know if it is true, but there sure used to be a lot of folks.
At some point in 2000 or so, Chesterfield got sued for the Chesterfield trademark - probably by Philip-Morris or some other lame-ass tobacco company. So they changed the name to "House of Live" - I do not know if management changed as well, but the place just wasn't the same. I've only been there a few times since then.
Yesterday, I found out that they had changed their name (once again) to Charlie Birdy - and a friend of mine got a job as bartender there - so we went their last night for a drink and some food.

The place has been cleaned up, and do put it a lot of nice deco - and I'm happy to see that they kept that huge cool-ass mahogany bar. They are definitely going with a more upscale look, than their predecessors.
The food was ok, and the drinks too (has some Mojitos) - but the waitress was slow as hell, and the hostess was not too friendly. Also, I did not have a chance to visit the restrooms, but both Chesterfield and House of Live were notorious for their absolutely disgusting restrooms..

Go check it out:
Charlie Birdy

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Anonymous said...

I was a bar tender at chesterfields from late 95 to early 97. those hedonistic days are forever etched in my memories. working with a cool bunch of irish and scandinavians.shame its gone. we were wild back then. and yes the rest rooms were filthy. didn't stop us takin girls in there tho!!! from Antony.