Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Media Players - Why is it so hard to find a decent player for OSX

I hate iTunes. Really.. I hate it.. almost as much as I hate public employees in France..

Since I've changed my workstation from FreeBSD to OSX, the only real problem I have had is finding a decent media player. I only have a couple of requirements:

- A small footprint (in terms of resources) - I don't want my media player eating up +1GB of system memory, like certain other *cough* iTunes *cough*

- The ability to queue a song (without building a new playlist) - How is this not a feature in ALL players?

- Tagging! I want to tag my music collection, with fx. tunepimp.

- It should be fast!

I'm a huge Amarok fan, and frankly I can't wait for a native OSX version (I know I can run it through X11, but that's not as cool as native) - currently, I'm using Songbird, which shows potential - but still far from fulfilling the above mentioned requirements.

I've tried (and discarded): Cog, NexTunes, Audion.

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