Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vistaprint (those S-O-Bs)

So the other day, I purchased a new printer from Fnac.. I bought it online (like most of my purchases nowadays) - and it was shipped to a delivery point near my apartment..  Great.. All is good.

In the box from Fnac, I found a voucher for Vistaprint - offering free business cards, and a company stamp. Since I was in the need of both, I decided to use the voucher..

So going through their "wizard of hell" with more sale offers on everything from t-shirts to websites - I finally pass my order - something that was initially "free" ended up costing me around 30EUR..  Oh well..  I was happy about my order nonetheless.

I got a mail saying that the goods would be delivered the 18/4/12 at the latest. Yeah right.

Went down to the delivery point place today, and of course the package hadn't arrived. So I call up Vistaprint customer service - and after 10 minutes with IVR hell - I finally get connected to some nitwit..
The nitwit can't find any trace of the delivery, and offers to ship a new order (so another waiting 7 days) - I ask him how he intends on making sure that this one will be delivered - to which, of course, he has no answer.

After a few more minutes of me complaining, and he finally offers to ship the order express (3 days) but directly to my apartment - and not the pickup point..

Anyways... I am convinced the whole thing is a scam - and Vistaprint can go SABO..  (Fnac as well for that matter)


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