Friday, August 26, 2016

Never happy..

So these days it is scorching..  I think we hit an all-year high in Paris yesterday with temperatures up to 37c. It was hot as balls; I love it.

All year the weather has been abysmal.  Cold, rainy, grey, windy - basically like a never-ending autumn. Everyone, and I mean everyone, have been bitching and complaining all year about the shitty weather.

Now, we finally get a spot of sun and warmth..  and how do people react? You guessed it - they bitch and complain.. "oh! it's too hot - I can't sleep .." etc etc ..  

People need to shut the fuck up, and enjoy the few days of summer we will have this year. 


Dimitri said...

Highest temperature in Paris in a hundred years dude ;)

mich said...

Love it.