Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mom, can i have some Reebok Pumps please?

Mich and i just had a coffee /smoke break, and we were discussing the pros and cons of being a single child (as i am) as opposed to having siblings (like mich).

We came to the unanimous conclusion that being a single child rocks.

I tried to argue that being a single child was ok, but very lonely since you ended up growing up alone (which leads straight to multiple personalities). I would have loved to have had a bro or sis, (to beat the hell out of the bro, and kick the shit out of the sis' boyfriend), just so i wouldn't have had to play everything on both sides of the board. Conversations like this were common in my room at the time:

Dimitri: "Hey man, you want to play checkers"
Dimitri2: " Sure bro, I'll be red"
Dimitri: "No i want to be red, and i get what i want because i'm an only child"
Dimitri2: "Screw you jackass, go SABO. I'm having the reds."
Dimitri: "I don't want to play with you. You suck"
Dimitri2: "Right back at you buster."

On the positive side, you are the center of attention, and you get pretty much everything that you want, well, almost everything. I mean I didn't always get what I wanted, but in 90% of cases, I got the damn Matchbox car if i really wanted it (crying, yelling, pouting, anything would work).

Now there is something I never got and always wanted being a teenager. I mean I could have gotten them, but my dad's job didn't permit me to get them. Here it is: Reebok Pumps.

You remember these right? Every kid had them, and they were the ultimate sign of middle school coolness. All the cool kids had them, and of course all the dorks (as I) wanted them, so they could get one step closer to that impossible dream: being cool.

Well here's the deal. Why couldn't I get these? Why wouldn't my parents buy them for me?

At the time, my dad worked for Adidas. I had 25 pairs of trainers in my closet, but none of them were Pumps, and that sucked!

In addition, i was not allowed to wear anything but Adidas, that was it. I couldn't buy anything that wasn't Adidas. Any Nike shirt or Reebok accessory was forbidden. The problem is: at the time, Adidas was not cool, it was boring, passé, it had joined brands like Converse, - the definitely NOT cool shoes. I was not only laughed at for being fat, I was ridiculed for having dorkish shoes...Of course a couple years later, when my dad didn't work for Adidas anymore, and I had grown 15cm and couldn't fit in any of my 25 pairs of trainers, Adidas was the shiznit - everyone wanted them.

So yeah, being a single child rocked, but I still have a regret - not having those pumps. Overall though, I can't really complain, i mean life wasn't too rough for me as a, whenyou have a schyzophrenic half to play with, who needs siblings?



"We came to the unanimous conclusion that being a single child rocks." Perhaps, you don't know enough Youngest Children? ;)


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