Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Mobile - Bye Bye Orange/Itineris/France Telecom

Got myself a new portable device ( which is always loads of fun) because by crappy Samsung T100 died a horrible death last week... so I decided to change the whole subscription - called up Orange to kill my membership, and got the best service i have ever gotten of them. On saturday afternoon, i went over to a Bouygues shop and got myself a new subscription with a Nokia 6230i for 49€. Due to a promotion they were having, I got 40€ off, so the phone ended up costing me 9€... Although i didn't particularly care for a phone with a camera (I think it's just a damn gadget), the damn thing has one, so I put it to use.. here's one of the first pictures. I thought it deserved a warm spot on our blog.

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