Friday, October 21, 2005

All dressed up, but nobody to play with..

So Friday night, the big night - the b-i-g night..
My better half has arranged a soiree between friends, in which I'd hate to impose on - and my own plans kinda fell dead due to various reasons, to I'm left with two options:

1. Go back to the office, and catch up on some of my work.
2. Get some super-funky drinks with some cool people..

As I'm having a cold, neither seems to attractive - but I guess I'll have to opt for door number 2. Now if only it could stop raining...

Too bad, there's not any all-night-open driving-ranges, I could *so* deal with hitting the living crap out of some balls now.. oh well, I will definitely go play some golf one of these days, it's gonna feel good !!


Thomas said...

Christ mate, you need to move down south!!!

mich said...

Yeah, I just need to get the fuck out of Paris.. There are less and less reasons for sticking aorund.