Monday, October 03, 2005


Managed to play a little bit of tennis this weekend.. it's been a while, so as suspected a was pretty trashed afterwards.. It felt good though.

Also, we went to visit some family in the north of France (near Amiens) - I enjoy coming a bit away from Paris, enjoying the peace and quiet (I'm becoming an old fart... ). We had some good food up there, they certainly know how to feed a Dane ;)

Came in to the office this morning, with the ever growing backlog awaiting.. it's getting increasingly tiresome trying to keep up with everything. Have a bunch of FreeBSD stuff I need to do as well, apparently there's still problems getting amaroK and libtunepimp-0.4 to get along. I hope I'll have a few moments tomorrow to play around with it.
Got a mail from Andreas Klemm with a bug-report on sysutils/hackbot. Basically, the path to the datafiles required by hackbot was wrong, so hackbot would bail out with an error... Last time I made a commit to the hackbot port was in March 2004.. Amazingly nobody else pointed out the error..

In other news, I can report that Dimitri looks more or less like a roadkill. He had a rugby playing "accident" and ended up with about 15 stitches in the eyebrow.. It's a sorry sight.

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