Monday, March 27, 2006

Sunday at the Sorbonne

We were walking around yesterday in our neighborhood, and decided to go over to the Sorbonne University to check out the damage the recent anti-CPE riots have bestowed up it, and of course we took a couple pics.

Here you can see they have severely barricaded the university:

Suddenly I noticed this dude dressed in orange in front of the barricades. I decided to get closer...

Look at this DUFUS! This "Syndicalist" from FO (Force Ouvrière - a workers union) was standing there, on a SUNDAY, dressed in ORANGE, with a GREEN FLAG, and you know what, he was happy about it (look at him smile)!

This is a snap I took over the barricades, at the CRS trucks in front of the university:

This is Rue St. Jacques, which is usually a really busy street...:

Tomorrow the anti-CPE riots are pretty much taking france as hostage, as all the workers unions are going to block up ALL PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, which mean I'm going to have a hell of a time going to and from work, and mich is going to have a HELL of a time getting back from Denmark.

I hate them all...

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