Wednesday, March 29, 2006

4000W AC Power Supply!


I just loved the look of this little beast!

This is a Cisco Catalyst 6000 chassis 4000 watt power supply. I would just loooove to plug this baby in.

(rest assured, there is absolutely nothing, I mean NOTHING sexual about me liking this thing... nothing I tell you..)

Anyways, tata, laddies!

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Kristian said...

This look like a standard CEE 230V 16A Plug.

The nominal voltage is in EU: 230 Volts.
And P = U * I (W = V * A)

so.. my point is.. its not a 4000W power supply.. its only, max: 230 * 16 = 3680 W.. and from that you have to subtract the power supply's own consumption. Så it will never deliver 4000W..

-just a note to be a pain in the ****.. ;-)

What is it actual marked with to deliver?