Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Squeezebox arrived

My squeezebox just arrived a couple of hours ago - oh boy, this is a super nice little gadget..

I installed audio/slimserver from the ports collection, and turned the squeezebox on.. I took me about 30 seconds to get the little sucker connected to the network, and recognized by the slimserver (running off my laptop) - everything works like a beaut.. Now I'm discovering all the cool functions and features..

I also installed the plugin that soft of works.. seems the squeezebox reboots every time I initialize a stream.. I looked briefly on the slim devices forum, and it seems that I not the only one experiencing this problem.. hmm...
Haven't tried out the scrobbler plugin yet, but it is installed - so it should work.

I've just finished setting up the squeezenetwork account, and I'm just now discovering pandora - holy crap - this thing just ROCKS !

Looking forward to listening to Danish broadcast streams tonight on my stereo... Also, I will have to connect the squeezebox to my WLAN at home.. That should be interesting..

Enough for now, I will play some more..

PS. UPS Express rocks - I put in my order Monday afternoon, and the package arrived at 11am today !


Kristian said...

How do the slimserver works with BSD?
Does it need to be installed on a X system or can it run on a CLI server?

(Arghh! 2. try.. I could't read the weird letters)

mich said...

It's a perl script, that launches a webserver - so you control/configure in a webinterface.. You launch the server in CLI, and access the server from your workstation.

Kristian said...

I want one..

mich said...

hehehe.. yes, it's nice little beast.. It didn't take me to order it, after I saw how cool it is...