Monday, July 17, 2006

Squeezebox - en route !

Weeee.. after Stig's excellent post about his squeezebox - I got kinda hooked on the idea, so I just ordered one. I got the one with both Ethernet and wifi connectivity.. It's actually quite affordable, something like $340 (with shipping) - I'll probably have to pay local tax on it, but even then it's still cheaper to buy it directly from Slim Devices than a France-based webshop - where it would be well over $450 (what the hell is wrong with those guys... don't buy your shit from !)

So what can it do ?
Well.. pretty much anything - stream a shitload of online radio stations - I will finally be able to listen to danish broadcasts from my stereo.. also, I will be able to stream my own music. In addition, squeezebox can function as a wifi bridge for my WLAN - pretty neat !

Go read the Slim Devices : Squeezebox : Overview here !

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