Thursday, August 03, 2006

Inspired by "Da Workshop"

The other day I was on the phone with my friend Lasse, and we entered into a discussion about powertools (e.g. Binford2000.. ) which we both are absolutely fascinated about, but know little about how to use in practice.. Anywho, I bragged about our fine "Tech Workshop" anno 2005 - which, for some strange reason, inspired him to and do some real work himself..

The project - wall-mount a switch under his desk.

First - get the powerdrill:
Well.. Lasse is living in London - and have been for a number of years now - the avid reader will notice that the drill do not have a UK powerplug - probably because Lasse acquired this fine tool whilst living in Denmark.. Goes to show you how often Lasse is using his powerdrill......


Here's the wall with the four (more or less aligned) freshly drilled holes:

The final product (not too shabby, eh..) :

The aftermath - cleaning:

As always, Lasse is available - together with the rest of the team of handymen on 1-800-MORONS-AT-WORK

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