Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spring Cleaning (in August)

Ahh, spring is a great time to clean up and get things back on the right track, and as mich and I are always on time for everything that we do, we got around to cleaning our office once and for all (until next spring) a couple days ago.

What did we do? We pulled out our desks (and everything that was behind them), flipped them around, cleaned everything, threw away half of all the crap we have sitting around, recabled (kinda), and stole a plant from another office (our boss') for decorative purposes.

Here are the pics!

mich's side:

front side:

my side:

Voila! We're pretty happy with this new 'work' environment! The only thing missing is a fridge and a pool table... more to come.


Kristian said...

You may want to install this fridge..

Kristian said...

more static URL:


Dimitri said...