Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Microsoft Silverlight - on mac

So decided to give Silverlight a try.. Installed it on my macbook pro (with Safari as my primary browser).

I'm already surprised when downloading the plugin:

Why the need to lie? Don't write 1MB download, when it is, in actual fact, closer to 5MB.

After installation, a quick restart of Safari - and off to try this new Flash, air, QT "replacement" - tried out the 80th Oscar Awards Ceremony - which starts by resizing my browser window (UGH!) - and then after clicking on one of the video previews - goes on and crashes Safari.

Nice try, Microsoft - but I think I'll stick with Flash (or whatever else is there) a bit longer.


jose villeta said...

microsoft silverlight does not make me proud

Anonymous said...

Well I am one of the most anti-microsoft person on the face of the earth but trust me after Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Exchange this is the 3rd MS technology which are got me amazed. I am sure its still unstable and would need some time to mature. And I m looking forward to some later versions when it matures and eventually give some top competition to other. Competition only brings the best to the users. I am sure Flash with this competition would be a killer technology. Healthy competition is whats expected (which MS tends to forget at times by forcing people to install its technologies using MS critical update. Hope to see good things around.

Anonymous said...

Go suck on a banana, hippie!