Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Long time no hear..

Well.. It has been way too long since I've bitched about one thing or another, but truth is, I haven't had much to bitch about... Imagine that.. It's a sad state of affairs !
I've been off to Denmark on vacation, and we have moved to our new apartment as well.. I guess I've simply been to occupied to complain.

Anyway, now I'm back at work (damn it), and already now various things are starting to make my piss boil - that coinciding with Dimitri leaving for vacation tonight is not exactly helping out the situation. I know.. yes.. I know shit will hit the fan as soon as his dumb ass has left the building.. Printing problems, vira shit, and general PC hardware problems. I've got to be honest with you guys, I'm not one bit too happy about him requiring vacation...

Moving.. god I hate moving. Actually I like it once all boxes/furniture have been moved - but moving heavier-than-titanic furniture (fridge) three floor down is a no-go.. that, all while it is 35 degrees Celsius outside in the burning sun just kills me. It's all done now though.. and I love the place! We just miss a few furniture for the kitchen and then we are all set to go.

Alright, I'd better get back to work.. gotta write that code.. doesn't make much of a difference..


Thomas said...

Wehey, I was afraid you would close the blog!

Congrats with the new place and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of will send pics right?

mich said...

Naahh.. I'm too lazy to close the blog ;)

I'll snap some pics tonight or tomorrow..