Wednesday, September 29, 2004

SalesLogix BLOWS

We've been changing CRM systems. Before we used some semi-home-developed stuff called SuperOffice .. it blew. We had more and more trouble with it over the last 12 months, so some months ago we decided to switch system.
We chose SalesLogix developed by Sage. This was an obvious choice, as our financial systems are also Sage - this would in theory enable us to only have customer information one place. A "bridge" between the two systems have been setup, and we are able to synch the accounts. Excellent, in theory that is.

The salesrep from SalesLogix told us, that installation and import of data from the old CRM system would take approx. one day.... We've been in the process of getting it working for about one month now. Go figure..

Considering ditching it all together and go back to SuperOffice...

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LukeGoh said...

the guy who created saleslogix is a bastard child of satan - remote fucking install? its not an install at all, its like moulding 3 pieces of dog shit together with a toothpick