Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Think McFly, Think !

Well, well, well.. today I received another good proof that city-officials have had their head replaced by their ass.
My street runs into a main road, that leads directly to central-Paris, and the other way the street heads to a bigger city, and the motorway network around Paris (A86) - I don't really need to get on this main road, but I need to cross it, in order for me to come to work... Thus this morning, late as usual, I'm going about my business and half-asleep on my way to work.. When I discover that the city officials have decided to make major road-work EXACTLY where I need to cross the main road ! Goddamn it ! I sat there and waited for 12 minutes, hence making me late for work.. AGAIN !

Now you might go, "ohh.. well road work needs to be done, and that does not make city-officials stupid.. bla bla bla".. well, yes.. yes it does.

Anyone knowing France (Paris more specific) are aware that the month of August is dead - because of school vacations and what-have-ya.. so why, oh why, can't they make their stupid-ass road work in August, thus not bothering a shitload of people ? Noooooooooo... we'd rather wait until the first day of September when everyone's back, and where we can annoy a bunch of people !

Argggghhhhh !!!!!!!

That's it ! I'm not paying anymore taxes.. they have fucked with me for the last time !

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