Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ever noticed...

So... I'm trying get a new phone.. I've been looking at the Sony-Ericsson T630. Yes I know it's not state-of-the-art, and it cannot anticipate my toilet needs, do my groceries, and feed my cat - but it seems like a nice phone to me - in addition it is no too big, nor to pricy.

OK, I know which phone I'd like - the rest should be piece of cake, right? Not really.. I've been looking into the different operators in France, and also the subscriptions they offer.. jeeez.. you have to have a phD or something to understand that.. Apparently you need to know how many calls you place and receive and where they go to (national, local or international) how many MB you'll download with GPRS etc etc.. I have no fucking idea, alright ?

So, I call a "diagnostic service" with Orange... First off, when you call them, before getting connected to a "real-live-person(tm)" you need to tap in your phone number (the one you are calling from) via DTMF tones.. and what is the FIRST thing they ask for ? The number I am calling from ! Are you kidding ? I just entered that into the voice-service-system.. god damn it.. they are fucking with our minds..
On top of that, they weren't very helpful..

More to come..

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