Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Universal Remote

I've been thinking about getting an universal remote control, as I'm sick and tired of having the better part of my sofa-table filled with remotes. So far a I have the following remotes:
- TV
- DivX Player
- Freebox
- Xbox
- Receiver/Tape deck
- CD player
- Minidisk desk

That's just too much.
The only problem with the majority of all those universal remotes, is that their functionality pretty much limits to volume up/down, channel up/down and power-on/off.

The other day, I discovered the One-In-All Kameleon URC-8210 - that is a nice piece of hardware. I can hook up 10 different devices to it, it is upgradable (download new codes from the net) and has a recharge station - and most importantly it looks friggin' awesome. It's a touch screen kinda thing, with a cool blue lit background..

The only downsides so far:
- I don't think it can replace the Freebox remote, as it is pretty special, all the others should be ok though.
- The price.. A whopping 149EUR.. it's a little steep - but hey, after all it is the rolls-royce of remotes.

Should I get it ?

Update: Looks like I'm gonna have to wait, as it seems that the remote will not be available on the european market before end January or start February.


Thomas said...

Wow, the worries we must go through :)))

mich said...

hey.. I think it's pretty steep for a damned remote control.. albeit it is awesome ;)