Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hot temper

So.. got the suitcase... now let's get a cab..

It's really interesting to see how people from the south are much more hot-headed than people from the north.. or at least people from the north are better at controlling/hiding it..

The first cab in the huge line, was loading his car with his clients suitcase - and apparently taking too long so all the others started to honk their horns.. and the cab driver went off on them.. which resulted in a bunch of angry drivers getting out of their cars yelling back at him.. "Move that piece of shit.." - "Go fuck yourself.." "You're such a fool, that you can't carry yourself.. now move !" [roughly translated by our Spanish speaking salesmanager]

Quite amusing actually..

Btw, holy crap there's a lot cabs in this city !


Thomas said...

I wonder if they are worse than the guys in Toulouse.
Have a great time Mich, hope you have time to go for tapas and drinks!

mich said...

Been there - done that ;)

Tapas goooood...

Thanks Thomas.