Monday, January 10, 2005


CanalSat just activated my account this weekend. It's pretty cool, and it works flawlessly. It's nice to have the extra channels, especially with "switch language" function on some of the channels - I am no longer forced to watch all my favorite shows dubbed in French - yay!
As I signed up before 31/12/04 - I benefit from this offer:
- All channels + movie channels pack 20EUR/mth
- No startup fee (normally 40EUR)
- They'll upgrade my Freebox to v4, which will give 15Mbit/s downrate (normally 90EUR)

In addition, I know have digital channels, and a semi-working EPG (they'll probably extend their service in the coming months, as this is brand new) - without the hassle of having a satellite dish.


Thomas said...

So the tv is the offer that comes with the Freebox? I've been thinking about getting that, but I've been told that the tv is not super quality?

mich said...

Well.. with the Freebox comes ~75 free tv channels.. all sorts of stuff (MTV, Planete etc etc) - additionally you can subscribe to other channels (provided by Free) fx. Paris Premiere, CNN, LCI. They cost somnething like 1EUR pr. channel a month.

On top of this offer, you can buy another "bouquet" of channels. This is sold buy, CanalSatDSL. This gives you Canal+ bouquet and/or the canalsat bouquet.

The quality depends of your proximity of the DSLAM - I'm like 800M from the DSLAM, and I have perfect picture quality.

In the signup process for free, you'll specify your phone number, and before the end of the signup it will tell you have close to the DSLAM you are - you can always abort if you're too far away.