Saturday, November 26, 2005

EuroBSDCon 2005, Basel, CH

So - I arrived in Basel, Switzerland late Thursday afternoon. This time I drove, beats flying !!

Went out and had a bite at hotel nearby. Food was ok, beer was better. Later met up with the Anton Berezin in the hotel bar, for more beers ! Went fairly early to bed, as I was tired from the driving.

Up early Friday for the DevSummit, nothing really interesting to report - I enjoyed Mike Silbersack's talk, about FreeBSD vs Linux and userbility.. I tend to agree with him, that mergemaster is a bit overwhelming for new users..

Friday night I ate dinner at an Indien restaurant with Henrik Andersen, Simon Nielsen, Flemming Frokjaer and Poul-Henning Kamp - the service was rather slow, however that did give us the opportunity to sample the indinen beers (I was particularly fond of the Cobra beer) - I had my all time favorite indie-dish; butter-chicken.
Ended up having beers at the hotel bar, and fairly early to bed.

Today the actual conference started.
Robert Watson was supposed to talk at the opening session, however he had injured his foot and was unable to attend - pity I rather enjoy his talks. Poul-Henning Kamp stepped up and spoke a bit about the his history with BSD, and its history in general - it was quite amusing.

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