Monday, November 28, 2005

EuroBSDCon 2005, part II

Saturday was a long day - after the opening session, saw Adrian Steinmann's talk on Single User Secure Shell - it was quite interesting; basically it's a secure shell maintenance RAMdisk environment that can be launched very early in the boot process, fx before mounting the filesystem - it's a good idea, and I think of a few remote boxes where this might come in handy.
Afterwards moved on to Marc Schiessers's talk on hard disk encryption - it was an interesting talk but the first 20 minutes were spent getting kpdf working, so we ran out of time - gbde is a cool tool, and I might start out with encrypting the filesystem on my USB key.
After a long lunch, saw the talk about evolution of the X Window System - Lots of changes, and interesting eye-candy new features - will be very cool (for desktop users that is). They also announced the death of imake, and will be shipping Xorg7 with GNU Autotools - Good luck to the X port maintainer.

Moved on to the Remote User Access VPNs by Emmanuel Dreyfus, and afterwards Ryan McBride's talk about PF on OpenBSD - it was quite straight-forward, however more amusing than the average - especially when he pulled out an axe and chopped up some ethernet cables to demonstrate live failover. Finished off with Massimiliano Stucchi's talk about Filtering Bridges.

We also had a pretty uneventful FreeBSD ports BoF - the usual bikesheds were discussed, and we even found a new one (ports-tags).

Saturday night we had this years social event.. I had lots of beers, let's just leave it at that ;)


Wes Solomon said...

Your from france?
God Damn ... were the riots really as bad as they say they were.

Wes Solomon said...
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mich said...

No, not really. I did not see anything at all, and I live not far away from La Defense ..

I think the media (especially the American) blew this way out of proportion.