Monday, November 21, 2005

Testing my patience !

So, I found myself having to go to Copenhagen real fast last week, and after comparing prices - I chose to fly with Sterling (previously knows as Maersk Air). Well actually the choice was quite easy, as I could get a round-trip ticket with Sterling for roughly 150€, whereas the same trip would cost me 600€ with Air France.

Sterling is flying out of Beauvais-Tille (located ~90km north of Paris) - So I drove up there and got on my flight (parking is fairly cheap as well, compared to CDG and Orly).

Everything went smooth.

The return "trip".

Flight was scheduled for 7pm, arriving in Paris at 8.40pm. Yeah right...
After going to the gate, they announce that the departure will be one hour delayed.. I hate waiting in the airport, but ok, it can happen. We finally depart, and the flight itself is going well.. Until we prepare to land in Beauvais.. Apparently is too foggy for us to land, so they decide to land in CDG (Charles De Gaulle International Airport) situated ~75km away from Beauvais !
Sterling propose to organise a bus, that will take passengers back to Beauvais, and another bus for passengers going to Paris. Most passengers werobviouslyly going into Paris, so they were happy to that much closer..
Not me, I had to go back and get my damn car.. (oh why, did I not take the bus.. )
The arranged bus for Beauvais would arrive after 2 hours - at this point it is something like 10.30pm.. I find to other passengers going to Beauvais, and we end up splitting a cab..

All in all, I end up spending way too much money on parking, ticket, taxi and whatnot, and I'm not home before 1.30am !!!

Grrrr.. it's a rough day today.

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