Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tom Cruise's M:I:III promo at la Défense

I learned from a "20 minutes" article yesterday that Tom Cruise would be at La Défense on his European promo tour for M:I:III to inaugurate the "Dôme" cinema, so I trudged over there after work and waited around, to see what would happen.

Well, our favorite scientologist came down in a big ass helicopter, and people (especially chicks, but a lot of 'guys' too) went APESHIT! I mean, these people were moshing, just to get a pic of jerry mcguire!

First impression of Brian Flanagan
- man is he short - I mean I knew he wasn't 6ft, but he is literally 5ft tall. Seems like a nice guy though, as it took his time signing autographs with pretty much everyone there (around 2000 people) I managed to get the following snap.

Apart from Ethan Hunt, Jamie Foxx was there too, didn't see him though, as I got the hell out of there, I needed a beer.


Kristian said...

It would be a nice pic.. if it was from your sniper rifle.. ;)

Kristian said...

Is the blog dead?

mich said...