Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Da Nikon D70S - yeah baby!

Ahh, after a month or so of craving a new digital camera, it's here!

We opted for the Nikon D70s kit with a 18-70mm lenses, and were right - it's a pretty sweet beast ;)

What is there to say - Boys and toys...

Now I have to learn how to use it!



Kristian said...

Really nice cam!

When you gotta use it, you should consider to take pictures in RAW. Then you can eadjust the exposure, the whitebalance, hue and more on your computer.. This can really save some bad pictures - sometimes.. you can get a free RAW converter here: works nice..

Happy picturing..

Dimitri said...

Thanks! Yes, it's a cool cam, and is quite easy to use, as all the functions are pretty accessible.

For the time being I was taking pics in jpeg, but was looking into using raw, for the reasons you mentioned.

I've also tried controlling the camera from a PC, which is pretty sweet as well.

Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

Kristian said...

I understand that you have some old Nikkor objectives?

How are they working with the D70s?

Dimitri said...

Yes, i have an old 70-200 and a 18-35 (i think). the 18-35 works great, the bigger 70-200 works, but is quite slow.

Nice rat, by the way. Did you end up squashing it?

Kristian said...

heh the big fat rat..

no .. it did't got smashed.. actually it disapeared under my car..
In fact quite disturbing.. :-S

hmm.. that noise in the back right wing.. ;-)