Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pimpin' Ride .... and Pimp My Ride

Yo! A buddy of mine just gave me a car (yes, gave)! Ok ok, it's not the most recent thing, but it rolls, and gets from point A to point B (I think).

It's a Renault 25 GTX from 1986 - totally an 80s car, but it's got some cool specs (rofl) - 2.2 liter engine, electric windows and sunroof (yes! a fucking sunroof!), and basically everything is working. I have to change a couple tires, and fix the radiator (well, someone has to fix the radiator, I don't know anything about damn cars), but apart from that it's in relatively good shape - Oh yeah, we need to clean it too, it hasn't driven for 2 years, and has been sitting in a garage, so there's 'a bit' of dust.. check out the pics!

We're thinking about getting in touch with MTV's Pimp My Ride Europe, because this is totally the kind of car in need of a Pimpin'.

Anyways, I'll get this thing out of the garage, fixed and cleaned up, and post some 'After' pictures soon. Ciao!


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When it comes to cars, you know I can check to see the consensus!