Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here we go again

La Poste has decided to raise the prices on stamps again... A couple of years ago it was 40 centimes for a stamp for France and Europe (20g).. Here are the new prices:

Principaux tarifs pour 20g:
* France: 0.54EUR
* France économique: 0.49EUR
* International zone 1: 0.60EUR (CEE + Suisse)
* International zone 2: 0.85EUR

It's a bloody travesty..They keep raising the prices, and their service level remains the same: useless

I loathe La Poste - from the very bottom of my heart... May each and every postman meet a vicious rottweiler on his route.


Lasse J said...

If you can find anyone that will deliver a letter cheaper than that let me know....

mich said...

Well.. if they actually delivered I guess it would be ok - but they misplace the letters and you can forget ever getting packages, unless it has been sent with a tracking ID.

Useless, I say... Useless..