Friday, October 27, 2006

Noon Food Products


Recently, mich and I have been boycotting the local (eurest) cafeteria for personal reasons (ie. we don't appreciate eating slop). To fulfill our midday fiesting habit, we know buy a bunch of grub on monday, and live off that for the week.

One of our main dilemnas when choosing food at the local store is (of course) quantity - most of the dishes sold in france offer ok food, but the quantities wouldn't satisfy a midget on a diet. I'm talking 200 to 350 grams (yes you read it right) - GRAMS (!!!) of food. Now I weigh in at a svelt 122kg (I've lost weight...), so 350 grams of food is pretty much a hors-d'oeuvre for me.

Thankfully, our local 'Monop' stocks a British brand of food called Noon, and their dishes offer 450 grams of delish indian and thai food. I mean the stuff is actually made with real ingredients, and tastes pretty damn good, and the quantity is nice (when complemented by our chicken wing platter as an 'entrée'). The only damn problem with the Noon products is the plastic film covering the dish- When you take the scorching dish out of the microwave and try (I insist on the verb 'try') to peel that film off, you know you're in for a disaster - In nine out of ten cases, either your white shirt or the whole kitchen gets sprayed with Chicken Masala.

Being fond admirors of Noon products, we decided to put ourselves to use for once and send them an email, complementing them on their food, whilst also telling them about our plastic film issue. Here's the email:


We are in Paris, France, and (almost) happy consumers of Noon products. We very much enjoy the actual food, but we have "issues" with the packaging. The number of times we have scorched ourselves (and our
shirts) whilst handling your products is innumerable.

Please continue to provide good quality/quantity food - but please put some more money on the packaging R&D budget.. It will be very much appreciated.

On another note, do you sell the products directly to end-users ? We only have two of your dishes available at our place of purchase, and they always carry a low stock. Perhaps we could purchase directly with
you ?

Best regards,

Michael & Dimitri
Paris, France

We haven't got a response yet, but we'll keep you posted. And if you are looking for some decent lunch food, try Noon, it's good stuff ;)



k said...

I love you guys !

Dimitri said...

why thank you, thank you very much. I know we rock!

Kristian said...

Why dont you peel the plastic film off, before you nuke the meal in the microwave? Is it suppose to stay on until you will eat it?

Dimitri said...
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Dimitri said...

It's supposed to stay on, otherwise I'm pretty sure even us monkeys would have come up with that solution...

Kristian said...

ha ha.. yes now I'm the monkey ;)

Keepup the good work! :-D