Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New digital camera

I had the misfortune to turn 29 a week ago or so.. We "celebrated" the occasion with lots of booze and whatnot - once I get a scanner working (cough, cough Dimitri) I'll scan and post the ticket from the police for "Tapage Nocturne" (Nightly commotion) as proof for the festiva.

Anywho, people gave me a bunch of money so I could finally get one of them modern digital cameras. So last weekend I went to Fnac to pick one out.
I settled for the Fuji Finepix F11 (holy crap there's a lot to choose from). It's a nice little beast.

6.7M pixels (whatever the hell that means) and best of all - it came with battery, charger, XD memory card and a carrying case.

Pretty sweet..

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Thomas said...

Congrats mate! (with the camera and not with the ticket that is)