Thursday, January 26, 2006

Useless parking

In my building (where I live) I have a parking, so I can basically just take the lift down to the basement, and I'll be by my car..

The other morning when I went to work, a couple of cars looked like this:

click for a larger picture

Apparently, during the night a bunch of thieving bastards had gained access to the parking, and managed to run off with 12 tires. In addition, they broke a couple of windows to get inside to steal gps equipment etc..
Amazingly, they did not touch my car, though they broke windows on the cars in front and behind mine - I guess it's because mine has a nasty alarm.

In light of my previous blogpost, about the price of tires and whatnot, I'd like to stress the point - that I did not, I repeat, *not* have anything to do with this little operation.. really....

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