Monday, February 07, 2005

Personal Bar necessities

Hi all,

Here's a little something for those people who want the quality of a good drink in the depth of their living room couch (mich...), or for those who are sick of seeing bartenders pretend they know how to make a drink.

I've decided to place here a little lists of ingredients you might need to open your own personal living room bar. Being a former bartender, i can guarantee that the following is what YOU need to have a cocktail party in the warmth of your own home. Of course i have made this personal bar as I would make it, and with the ingredients which would end up in my favorite drinks. Here we go.

Alcohols - the fundamentals.

Scotch whisky (just normal stuff. You might want a good bottle of pure malt as well)
Bourbon - Jack Daniels No7, Wild Turkey, Four Roses
Vodka - a bottle of normal vodka, I have a bottle of Zubrovska (polish) vodka lying around as well.
Gin (Bombay Sapphire)
Tequila (José Cuervo)
Rum (Bacardi white, and a bottle of dark agricultural rum as well)
Triple Sec or Cointreau
Blue Curacao (It has exactly the same taste as Triple sec, it's just blue to be pretty)
Baileys or some Irish cream
Amaretto (just cheap stuff, no need for the expensive stuff)
Peach schnapps or Crème de Peche
Sambuca (very important, for one drink in particular)
Southern Comfort

Orange juice
Coke / Pepsi
7up/ Sprite
Tonic (Schweppes)
Club soda
mint syrup
Sour Mix (Lemon, Lime, and sugar cane syrup)
Sugar cane syrup
Mint leaves
whipped cream

Ice (lots of it)
straws and paper umbrellas (if you want to look cool sitting there in your boxers on your couch)

I know all these seems like a lot, but once you have a bottle of each, it'll last you a while (unless you go by the name of mich or dim..) I've probably omitted some stuff, but fuck it.

Here are some drinks you can make. If you need the recipes, send me an email. I'll try to put up recipes later.

Alright, so with the above ingredients, you can make.. (short list, there's more)

Screwdriver, Tequila Sunrise, Amaretto Sour, Gin Tonic, Gin Fizz, White Russian, Black Russian, Screaming Orgasm, Long Island Ice Tea, Serbian Ice tea, Mai Tai, Planter's Punch, Blue Hawaiian, Kamikaze, Jack&Sam, Irish carbomb (need guinness), Flaming Dr.Pepper (need beer) B52, B57, Mudslide, Blowjob, Cosmopolitan, etc etc etc.


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