Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today's Drink: Screaming Orgasm

Hello All,

Here we are for today's drink. I made it a special one.

Screaming Orgasm.

In a Shaker:

2cl. Vodka
2cl. Amaretto
2cl. Baileys
2cl. Kahlua
10cl. Milk or liquid cream (nicer taste)
SHAKE vigorously.
Top the glass with whipped cream.

Now this may seem like a chicks drink, but don't put the whipped cream (so you still feel like a man),
and you've got a pretty strong smooth drink.

Another drink (today's special- SNOOP AAAND COLOMBO!!)

White Russian:

Lowball glass filled with ice
Build this drink, no shake.
4cl. Vodka
4cl. Kahlua
10cl. milk or liquid cream

Black Russian: Same as White Russian, except you don't put any milk/ cream.

and your BONUS SHOT for today:

The B52

in a 6cl shot glass: (adjust for smaller shot glasses)
2cl. Kahlua
2cl. Baileys (layered)
2cl. Cointreau (layered as well. Use Cointreau, not triple sec, as triple sec is a less refined alcohol,
therefore heavier, hence will not float properly. Cointreau on the other hand will float easily.
Use a teaspoon to layer if you can't do it otherwise.
layering instructions:

Take your time, and you should be able to light the Cointreau.

Stick a straw in the shotglass and down the drink immediately. Voila!



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