Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Today's Drink - Gin Fizzzzz

Hello Fellow boozers,

Here's Today's cocktail recipe... enjoy!

Gin Fizz (my way)

In a shaker:
- 4 cl. Bombay Sapphire gin
- 2 cl. Triple sec or Cointreau
- 15 cl. sour mix (if you don't have this 'mich', put half lime juice, half sugar cane syrup, so that's 7.5 cl of each, approximately)
- throw a wedge of lime in there, for color.
Shake all that (vigorously)
Pour into a nice highball glass (yeah mich, a big glass)
Top the mixture up with some Sprite/ 7up.
Add an umbrella, and a straw.

Voila (I hope you choke on the lime wedge mich)



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