Friday, June 04, 2004

Arrived !

Well, what do you know. My SD-512MB flash card from Nomatica arrived yesterday.. Well, actually "La Poste" tried to deliver it last Saturday, naturally the office was closed, so they failed in their attempt.
We called them Monday; they told us that since they couldn't deliver it on Saturday - the package would be shipped back to the expediter.
[Enter rage]
After calming down (with beer and food - the only thing that works) - I decided to have Dim calling them again (I was not calm enough) - this time, we actually stumbled upon a savvy postal employee (apparently they *do* exist) - and he opened a "reclamation" with the sorting center etc etc.. That got things moving, so all is good now. Actually they even called me this morning, to confirm that I did indeed receive the package. Bravo Mr. Postal Employee..

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