Wednesday, June 30, 2004

That's it ! We're moving !

Signed the papers today, and 1st of august we're outta here.. yes-sir-eeeeee bob !


Thomas said...

Congratulations Mich,
looking forward to being invited to stay in your new luxury home ;)

mich said...

Anytime ;)

Lakuda said...

hey mich, dim said to ask you: how do I (in UNIX) decompress a file with the tar command? lol - didn't think you'd have to give outside tech support, did you?

mich said...

Well.. my standard answer is 'man tar' - but in your case I'll make an exception.

If it is not gzipped:

tar xf crap-file.tar

if it is gzipped:

tar xzf other-crap-file.tar.gz

Lakuda said...

Thanks! I'll try that when I wake up for now I am going to the sleeping-place. ciao